Blockchain Technology for your business

We have built a network of partners leading to a team of experts capable to act at all levels — training, technology exploration, specifications, development — of your Blockchain consideration. As 'technology agnostics' , we offer you support in blockchains choice (e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, etc.) to best suit your needs.

Distributed Ledger Technology is seen as a major innovation with the potential to disrupt our traditional way to transfer value and manage trust. We help you to face this challenge with activity and business model analysis, which is necessary to evaluate the impact of the future disruption.

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Neofacto is an IT consulting Company, expert in innovative and open-source technologies since 2000. For the past 5 years the company have gained experience in Distributed Technology to deliver the best service your company needs.

Some collaborative projects we are part of

Participating in Blockchain collaborative projects is essential to foster innovation and make Blockchain disruption happen.

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Blockchain research initiative for the fund industry

We lead the Luxembourg Blockchain Consortium. Our research focus on the asset management industry and we already unveiled a Blockchain prototype: the Smart Transfer Agent. The Smart TA works on a 10 nodes private Ethereum Blockchain. It facilitates funds subscription, redemption and shares transfers processes.

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Common Blockchain infrastructure powered by Luxembourg

We are participating in the Luxembourgish project initiated by the government. The collaborative platform allows partners to test and develop Blockchain projects with a common infrastructure.

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French innovative lab for finance industry

Our role is to work collaboratively with financial institutions and startups to anticipate technology disruption.

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